Market Place

Medieval Market Place

The development of the small village into a market town was started by Eustace. Burgage plots were created. A burgage is a medieval term for a rented piece of land in a town. The form of a burgage plot is distinctive in that it consists of a long narrow plot of land, with a house fronting onto the street. These plots, rented for money, indicate the growth of an urban economy based on trade and craft skills, rather than rural tenures based on the provision of labour and services.These plots can be seen around the town centre on the map of 1774 which shows a town little changed from medieval ages.

By 1567, the Market Place had begun to assume something of its current shape, with buildings along both sides of Fenkle Street and Bondgate. At this time, there was no longer a chapel, so presumably the people of Alnwick were now using St Michael’s Church.

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