Hesleyside Mill

Mills, too, were on the town’s lands at Hesleyside for in 1682 John Fenkle was amerced 8d. ” for not keeping up his gate that leads to the new mills Hesley Side.” On the opposite side of the water were the Denwick Fulling Mill and Bleachtield ; the former in our own day has been converted into a corn mill, and is now occupied by Mr. Peter Eadington, the descendant of an ancient race of millers.

Skelly wtore:

  • Hesleyside, which was situated on the south side of the river, formerly belonged to the Freemen, but now forms a part of Barneyside. This was sold in 1776 to the Duke ; and with the money, the Corporation purchased other land lying to the south of the town. On the Hesleyside land, was formerly a mill, and on the opposite side of the water, was the Wyhope or Denwick Mills, long occupied by the Eadingtons, a family of “ancient millars.”