Peter’s Mill

Also known as Denwick Fulling Mill and Peter Eadington’s Mill

OS map c1900

Skelly provides a comprehensive history, referring to this as Denwick Fulling Mill, although by the time he was writing it had been converted to a corn mill, and was occupied by Peter Eadington, son of David Eadington. Peter had made great improvements, including the intorduction of “machinery on new and improved principles, for the use of the mill”, and a wooden foot bridge slightly down-stream from the old “Stepping Stones”. The bridge created the opportunity to enjoy “one of the finest and most charming of the many walks that the town possesses”.

Tate 1866:

  • Mills, too, were on the town’s lands at Hesleyside for in 1682 John Fenkle was amerced 8d. ” for not keeping up his gate that leads to the new mills Hesley Side.” On the opposite side of the water were the Denwick Fulling Mill and Bleachtield ; the former in our own day has been converted into a corn mill, and is now occupied by Mr. Peter Eadington, the descendant of an ancient race of millers.

Isaac Thomson Map of 1760

  • Labels field “Bleach yard” and shows mill race and buldings but not labelled mill

Sauthier 1788:

  • “Walk Mill” appears on Sauthier map of 1788 at the upper end of the mill race. At the lower end of the mill race he shows “Oil Leather Mill”

Thomas bell survey of 1826

  • Shown as large Fulling Mill

Thomas Bell survey of 1850

  • Shown as Denwick Mill

OS Map 1866

  • Appears as Denwick Mill (Corn)

Postcard postmarked 1906

  • Labelled as Denwick Mill

OS Map 1920

  • Shown as Denwick Mill (disused)


  • Working until 1920, building demolished 1925
  • Old footbridge swept away by flooding in 1947
  • Weir removed 1951

OS Map 1932

  • No longer shown