8-10 Fenkle Street

This building was once the Alnwick Branch of the Amble Co-operative Society. The picture below, from 1908, shows the Prince and Princess of Wales, the future King George V and Queen Mary, riding past in a carriage shortly after the store was opened.

Tenders put the build cost at £2648-6-9d.

On the ground floor there was a Butchers (left) a Grocery and Provision store (Right) and a Drapers (centre). Above the shops were a flat, storeroom and offices.

The Co-operative movement started in 1844 in the town of Rochdale. A few local people got together to start a society, allowing people from all walks of life to benefit from membership. Co-operative members have a stake in the business and are paid dividends. The association benefits from the purchasing power of the co-operative.

The movement continue to spread across the UK and by 1900, the group had over 1,400 stores and thousands of members.